We are Happiness Junkies... style: Emo slowbeat rock by f/m duo with electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox & a rhythm box... enjoy a slow pace in a fast world

Happiness Junkies
What if... with just female vocals, piano and electric guitar you sound like a band

What if... piano and electric guitar somehow entwine beautifully

What if... while songwriting the simple sound of a drum machine seems just right

What if... you turn the tempo down to a slowbeat and...

What if... two band members are more than enough

What if... you're addicted to happiness, but in this world of contrast at the same time touched by melancholy

Happy to meet you...
we are Happiness Junkies

with El - vocals, piano & Onno - guitar/bass, drum programming

presenting to you our mastered album with emo slowbeat rock; electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox & a rhythm box

o yeah, to add bass to our sound, we use octave pedals and a pretty smart 'ALT' (by Andy Alt, California) octave pickup on a Telecaster guitar.

Our Happiness Junkies debut contains 10 original songs, written, recorded, mixed & produced by HJ and mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering, Los Angeles, CA.

‘...maybe it’s a vibration, like a radiostation and is it all frequency’ (from track: Happiness Junkie)

Some say in our sound they hear some Eurythmics meets Angus & Julia Stone, with a touch of Jeff Buckley... whatdoYOUthink?

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Our studio monks story
To be honest, at first we had totally different plans for this album, but like John Lennon said: 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...' so while songwriting and recording songs for our new album as a duo, we found out we were somehow guided into a totally new direction. meaning: besides El's vocals; a drum machine - or rather rhythm composer as it wants to be called - instead of a drummer, an octave pedal for the guitar instead of a bass player, a guitar loop here and there, and soundwise with a main focus on the sound of El's piano and Onno's electric guitar... the way the two instruments entwine on the new songs was something totally new to our ears.
Happiness Junkies [Onno]
Sure, it had something to do with the slowbeats and slow pace we like in this fast world, but still the way piano and electric guitar interweaved really struck us as the way to go. songwriters and producers will no doubt recognize this feeling that in fact the song tells you which way to go, rather than you telling the song what to do... so it was a matter of carefully listening and going with the flow... although the result was we cancelled all previous recordings (oops there goes a year's work) and started anew. but happy to say, songs came out of us faster than we could record them. our phones were our best friends in remembering all the new songideas

working as a duo, El recorded Onno's guitar parts and Onno recorded El's vocal and piano parts. the engineering and production of this album is a joint effort, done in every free hour, soundscaping, philosophizing, and working on the analog/digital recording system till late, like studio monks, in between the other work that needs to be done here in our indepedent production company.

But maHappiness Junkies [El]n, what fun did we have recording and producing this album. of course it was not only fun, cos life at times shows us the mystery of contrast so we had to counter some issues that we did not see coming. still, looking back it was an adventure of a lifetime, leading to this great new piece of music. and to this new sound we are sure we'll stick to for the time ahead of us. so while you are (...hopefully...:-) enjoying our Happiness Junkies debut, we are already having fun with the follow-up album cos the songs keep coming and like most songwriters and producers will know, you'd better get it on tape when it comes... before it flies out of the window...

We thank our heroes of past and present for inspiring us and meanwhile keep our focus on trying to feel as happy as possible along the way, cos after all, isn't happiness what we all in our own way try to achieve here on this rotating planet in this endless universe...? we'll be updating these pages and stories on a regular basis, so feel free to land here more often to maybe share some inspration... happy to hear from you...
best, Onno & El


November 13, 2018




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>> COLLEGE & INTERNET RADIO CAMPAIGN (US & Western Europe) -- they're playing 4 of our new tracks: You Can Leave Your Light On, Move Along, Miss You Like Crazy and Happiness Junkie on popular stations like Monies New Music radio from UK -- Coverage Radio Show (lifestyleradio.net) from Ontario, Canada -- Sound Machine Radio (3 time winners New Music Weekly Internet Radio Station of the Year) -- Radio Seagull from The Netherlands... (more radio stations added soon)

>> INTERNET RADIO AIRPLAY -- we also jumped up and down after hearing that our tracks You Can Leave Your Light On, Miss You Like Crazy, Just Say So and Ow Ow (Space Station) are enjoying internet radio airplay on worldwide streaming internet radio Jango Radio , like in US states California, Michigan & New York -- and we're also get confirmed radio airplay reports from these 38 countries: Australia, Germany, France, Serbia, Ukraine, Portugal, Bulgaria, South Africa, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, China, Aruba, Romania, Turkey, Norway, Lesotho, Equador, Bolivia, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, India, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Singapore, Poland, Bahrein, Italy, Spain, Israel, Indonesia... --- how? we're working with a fine international internet radio promotion service, playing our music on shows next to artists like John Mayer, Angus & Julia Stone, Portishead, Coldplay, Bush, Eurythmics, Foo Fighters, The Dandy Warhols, Red Hot Chili Peppers...

>> MOST LIKES of Jango Internet radio listeners for these Happiness Junkies tracks:
1. You Can Leave Your Light On
2. Miss You Like Crazy
3. Just Say So

>> REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL PART-3.... 'I AM A HAPPINESS JUNKIES FAN' -- internet radio listeners from US, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Croatia, Rumania, Israel, New Zealand... clicking the FAN button on screen after hearing You Can Leave your Light On, Miss You Like Crazy, Just Say So & Ow Ow (Space Station)... on Jango radio!

>> IMA 2018 -- our album Happiness Junkies is accepted to enter the Independent Music Awards (IMA) 2018

>> FILM -- track Miss You Like Crazy considered for film soundtrack

- tracks from our album Happiness Junkies currently streaming through Spotify in UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Switserland, Chili, Phillipines, Australia, Indonesia & Japan

>> NEW TOP-3 most streamed HJ tracks on Spotify: 1. You Can Leave Your Light On 2. Miss You Like Crazy 3. Ow Ow (Space Station)

>> TOP-3 people's countries listening to HJ on Spotify: 1. U.S. 2. Australia 3. Netherlands & U.K.

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>> our studio monks story

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'a very relaxing, calming album'...'reminds me of Portishead...' >> reviews & Quotes

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Have a listen to some more tracks of our debut 'Happiness Junkies'


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album title: 'Happiness Junkies'

Written, recorded & produced by Happiness Junkies • Lyrics by El • Mastered by Don Tyler @ IO Mastering, Los Angeles, US • Label: Commuse • All songs 2018 BumaStemra • All rights reserved ©Commuse 2018


'This new CD is great. Onno's guitar is at a new level of excellence... El's vocals are outstanding'

(Dennis German, Michigan, US)

Your song 'You can Leave Your Light On' has received several plays

(Stevie Gordon, Radio Seagull, NL)

'love those little sounds and melodies'

'her voice somehow reminds me of Portishead...'

(Cliff, Spotify listener, NL)

'cool album... def. great summer music too'

(Don, Los Angeles, US)

'a very relaxing, often calming album with your beautiful warm and at the same time powerful voice... and Onno's relaxed guitar playing, so much variation in sound, from crystal clear to powerful and magical...!'

(Andrea, Bruxelles, BE)

'Excellent song!'

(Ernesto from Guadalajara, Mexico, after hearing Miss You Like Crazy on Jango internet Radio)


Happiness Junkies [cover cd]


Happiness Junkies [cover cd]
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Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies

Happiness Junkies


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